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01/27/2015 09:06 PM
Cold in Aftermath of Blizzard of 2015 to Make Cleanup More Difficult
Lingering midwinter cold and additional rounds of snow will add to difficulties for cleanup and those without power after the Blizzard of 2015.
01/27/2015 09:04 PM
More Snow in Store for Northeast, Midwest This Week
An Alberta Clipper brings a fresh wave of snow from the Midwest to the Northeast from late Wednesday through early Friday.
01/27/2015 09:02 PM
How Did East Coast Blizzard of 2015 Play Out?
As it became obvious on Saturday that a major blizzard was going to hit the Northeast, the track and size of the storm became critical as to which areas would be hit the hardest.
01/27/2015 09:01 PM
Study Reveals That Feeling Cold is Contagious
Watching somebody shivering on television can induce the same type of physiological response as braving the icy elements in person, according to research conducted by scientists at the University of Sussex.
01/27/2015 09:00 PM
Snowstorm to Aim at Atlantic Canada Into Midweek
The blizzard pounding the New England region of the U.S. will continue to impact more of Atlantic Canada.
01/27/2015 08:18 PM
REPORTS: Blizzard of 2015 Dumps Over Two Feet of Snow in Boston
Communities across the Northeast have endured heavy snow and fierce winds amid the first blizzard of 2015.
01/27/2015 08:14 PM
PHOTOS: New York, Boston Streets Desolate Amid East Coast Snowstorm
The first blizzard of 2015 for the eastern United States slammed areas from Long Island, New York, to Bangor, Maine, Monday into Tuesday.
01/27/2015 08:11 PM
MAP: Midwest, Northeast US More Susceptible to Blizzards
People may think blizzards are about heavy snow, but it's more about wind, blowing snow and visibility, and parts of the Midwest and Northeast are more susceptible to the wrath of these conditions.
01/27/2015 08:10 PM
Snow on Tap for United Kingdom and Ireland
A blast of cold air will set the stage for the most widespread snowfall threat across the United Kingdom and Ireland Wednesday through Thursday.
01/27/2015 08:09 PM
'Perfect Storm' for Heart Attacks in Cardiac Patients: Cold Air, Strenuous Exercise
Studies show that heart attacks increase in December and January each year.