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10/07/2015 04:19 AM
India: Showers to Approach Mumbai This Weekend
Showers bringing generally welcome rainfall to the southwestern coast of India will gradually spread northward toward Mumbai into this weekend.
10/07/2015 03:55 AM
Joaquin to Track Into Spain, Portugal This Weekend
Joaquin continues its journey across the northern Atlantic toward Europe, where it is expected to reach Spain and Portugal this weekend.
10/07/2015 03:53 AM
US Winter Forecast: Northeast to Dodge Winter's Brutal Cold; Rain, Snow to Dent California Drought
Winter will kick off with mild weather in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic as an intensifying El Nino influences the weather pattern across the country.
10/07/2015 03:49 AM
Choi-wan to Slam Northern Japan, Neighboring Russia Into Friday
Choi-wan is weakening and set to lose its tropical characteristics by Thursday night, but that will not prevent northern Japan and neighboring Russia from facing strong winds, heavy rain and pounding seas.
10/07/2015 03:48 AM
Oho to Blast British Columbia, Alaska With Rain and Wind at End of Week
Oho will hit parts of British Columbia and Alaska with drenching rain, gusty winds and pounding seas before the week comes to an end.
10/07/2015 03:42 AM
Multiple Dam Failures Aggravate Dangerous Conditions in Flood-Ravaged South Carolina
After historic rainfall across South Carolina, dam breaches and failures have aggravated already dangerous flooding problems.
10/07/2015 02:49 AM
First of Two October Meteor Showers to Peak Thursday as Draconids Shimmer in the Night Sky
Beginning in the evening hours of Oct. 8 and continuing through Oct. 9, the peak of the Draconid meteor shower will become visible to eager stargazers.
10/07/2015 02:36 AM
Dry Weather to Aid Recovery, Cleanup of Historic Flooding in Carolinas
While waters will be slow to recede across flood-ravaged South Carolina, a stretch of dry weather will provide favorable conditions for cleanup efforts across the region through Friday.
10/07/2015 02:20 AM
Drenching Thunderstorms to Target Texas, New Mexico Into Friday
Localized drenching thunderstorms will develop across New Mexico and western Texas through the end of the week.
10/07/2015 01:42 AM
Rain to Sweep Through Midwest, Northeast Briefly This Week
While rain will slice through portions of the Midwest and Northeast this week, it will interrupt the stretch of dry weather in store for most locations only briefly.